How to deploy Nginx Ingress Controller in EKS

I spent some time researching how to deploy the Nginx Ingress Controller to an EKS cluster. Firstly, we can decide how to use the Nginx Ingress Controller, and you have several different choices:

  1. CLB or NLB: Deploy the controller as either a Classic Load Balancer or a Network Load Balancer category.
  2. Public or Private: The load balancer is either publicly accessible or private access only (only accessible within your VPC network).
  3. HTTP or HTTPS: Whether to configure SSL, allowing encrypted connections between the client and the Load Balancer.

如何在 EKS 部署 Nginx Ingress Controller

花了一點時間研究了如何將 Nginx Ingress Controller 部署到 EKS 叢集當中。首先,我們可以決定要怎麼使用 Nginx Ingress Controller,你有幾種不同的選擇:

  1. CLB or NLB:將控制器部署為 Classic Load Balancer 或 Network Load Balancer 類別
  2. Public or Private:負載均衡器是可公開存取的或是僅能私有存取(只有位於你的 VPC 網路內才能夠存取)
  3. HTTP or HTTPS:是否要配置 SSL,讓客戶端到 Load Balancer 之間有加密連線